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If you have not had a Wind Mitigation Inspection done at your home, you are most likely paying too much for your homeowners insurance policy. Before getting a Wind Mitigation Inspection, the average homeowner is overpaying by 22%. 22% is just the average, many could save much more than that. As stated in Florida Statute 626.0629, insurance companies are required to offer Florida homeowners “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials…” for construction techniques that reduce damage and loss in windstorms.
These include roof shape, gable bracing when applicable, impact resistant windows or shutters, roof to wall straps or clips (hurricane clips), secondary water barrier and proper nailing of roof deck. If your insurance company can not verify you can not save. Insurance companies will provide discounts, however a certified OIR-B1-1802 form must be filled out by a licensed professional. We provide a quality wind mitigation in an effort to obtain all deductions available to save our clients money.

There are 7 items that the inspector will look at:

  • What building code the home was built under)
  • The type and age of the roof covering)
  • How the roof sheathing is attached to the trusses)
  • How the trusses are attached to the walls)
  • The geometry of the roof)
  • If a Secondary Water Resistance is applied to the roof)
  • What form of wind borne debris protection installed)
  • on the structure (shutters & garage door)
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