Simple DIY Home Maintenance Tips & Ideas

Simple DIY Home Maintenance Tips & Ideas

Its quiet tempting to disregard the steep price tags and hire a contract for home improvement rather than doing it ourselves. Home improvement and repair may seem complex and restraining. The fear of you causing further damage while to try to fix a worn thing is always daunting.

However, having a simple DIY home maintenance plan will make a huge difference to your bank account. Fortunately, performing home maintenance does not require a lot of subject matter training     nor a lot of money.

Here we go with our simple tips:

1. Toilets

Water leaking will not only cost you money when it comes to your utility bill, but also cause water damage to the bathroom flooring and premature wear of internal workings. Easy way to find out whether the tank is leaking is to add some red food colouring to the water in the tank.  Let alone for an hour before you come back to see if the water in the bowl is pink. If it is, you have a leak.

If the leak is from the tank to the bowl, the flapper needs to be replaced. To change the flapper, first shut off the water supply to toilet. Flush any water in the tank and use a towel or sponge to dry out any excess water left in the tank. Remove the flush chain from the lever, and then slide the old flapper up off the overflow tube. Slide the new flapper in place over the overflow tube, reconnect the chain, and turn the water supply back on.

2. Faucets

The main cause of leaky faucets is worn out washers. The washers inside of the faucet handles are rubber and tend to wear out quickly. Replace them by turning off the main water supply, unscrewing the leaky handle that controls the flow of water to the spout, removing the old washer, and dropping in the new one.

3. Paint

You can easily give your house a facelift by repainting the interior. However, repainting the entire interior of your house can be costly and difficult to accomplish. You can save both time and money by strategically touching up your paint job every so often. The first thing you need is a spot-on color match. The only way to get this is to save paint from your current paint job for future touch-ups. If you have leftover paint, simply roll the paint over the dirty spots on your walls. When the paint dries, it will dry perfectly, leaving you with a wall that looks as though you just painted it.

If you are trying to cover up nicotine-stained walls, you will need to apply a stain blocker to the walls before applying paint. Nicotine will prevent your paint from adhering properly to the wall surface and will cause bubbles. Additionally, if stale smoke or other odour is an issue, add a few drops of vanilla to your paint. This will help combat odours that have seeped into your drywall.

Hope these helped you a little. Stay tuned for more tips, only at, The home inspection experts.

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